Resident Stories | Joyce- Abbeyfield House, Romsey

In this latest blog we will be reading about memories and stories from residents who live at Abbeyfield Wessex Society.

Recently we spoke to Joyce who is a resident at Abbeyfield House, Romsey. We talked about what life was like growing up and Joyce's favourite memories.

We hope you enjoy reading Joyce's story as much as we enjoyed hearing it.



What was life like growing up?

"I was born in 1927 in Arbroath, Angus, south of Aberdeen and I am the oldest of three children.

Growing up I remember a busy fishing harbour, sandy beaches and a large open air swimming pool which attracted summer visitors. I spent my summers holidaying in a farm cottage, while I was there I learnt a lot about farm life.

War broke out when I was twelve and my father was called up to Army. The navy moved to town when a Fleet Air Arm Centre was built, I remember planes flying out daily to sea. We still continued with usual activities such a Girl Guides, swimming, music lessons, tennis, golf and ice skating.

When I was 16, I went to Glasgow College of Domestic Science on a 2 year course gaining a diploma in Institutional Management, which stood me in good stead for the rest of my life."

What was your first job?

"My very first job was in a nurses home and I did the cooking for 12 nurses. Many years later, when I was married and my three children had gone to secondary school, I went on a four year course to get a teaching diploma in Home Economics and I then taught in state schools for fourteen years."

What is your favourite memory?

"Because my husband worked for British Airways, we had privilege staff travel so we made the most of this advantage and had many holidays with the family until my children all reached university age. After my husband retired we continued to travel, not just flying but enjoying cruises too."

When did you move to Abbeyfield Wessex Society?

"My daughter and her family moved to The New Forest, we then decided to move nearer to them and found a house in Romsey in 1998.

My husband passed away in 2008, I had a busy life which filled my time. I was a driver for Good Neighbours and I also enjoyed taking part in activities at the Abbey. In June 2018 I had a mini stroke which then put an end to these activities. I already knew about Abbeyfield Wessex Society and I applied to live at Abbeyfield House, Romsey."

What is life like at Abbeyfield Wessex Society?

"I love my en-suite accommodation, I have my own furniture and a lovely view across the playing fields as well as being near to the town and the Abbey. We are so well looked after, we have lovely meals, laundry, cleaning, company and house activities. We feel very safe and privileged."




We love hearing our Residents' stories, keep your eyes peeled for more stories coming soon.

We are so well looked after

Joyce who lives at Abbeyfield House, Romsey

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