Resident Stories | Jenni- Abbeyfield House, Romsey

In this latest blog we will be reading about memories and stories from residents who live at Abbeyfield Wessex Society.

Recently we spoke to Jenni who is a resident at Abbeyfield House, Romsey. We talked about what life was like growing up and Jenni's favourite memories.

We hope you enjoy reading Jenni's story as much as we enjoyed hearing it.



What was life like growing up?

"1935-1939, sunlit days in Oxford. Playing in parks, on the swings, my baby sister in the big black pram. Buying 1d ice creams from the Walls' Ices man on his tricycle, who rang the bell to attract attention. 'Stop Me and Buy One' was his slogan. We could also put a Walls sign in the window at home and he would call and deliver."


"1940-1945- Manchester. Wartime, air raids, sleeping in the cellar through the Blitz. Sounds of the bombs, crunch crunch, getting louder as the plane approached- the sharp crack of guns in the park opposite, the searchlight, rations, gas masks, identity bracelets, blackouts and the Barrage Balloon's which were the first signal of an approaching air raid."


"1946-1950- Boarding School. After I left school I went to art college and when I finished my education I got married and went on to have three children. My first jobs were part time working in the industrial North."



What is your favourite memory?

"Building sandcastles, swimming at Hope Cove in South Devon and at Barry Island (before the days of TV's Gavin & Stacey) holidaying with Grandparents in Devon and Cardiff." 

"My other happy memory is having a bath in a tin bath in front of the range, the bath was hung in the yard for most of the week. Towels warmed, kettles boiled, stew bubbled in the oven and family members came and went."



When did you move to Abbeyfield Wessex Society?

"Six years ago, recently bereaved and recovering from illness and to be within a few miles of family."



What is life like at Abbeyfield Wessex Society?

"Living with Abbeyfield Wessex Society is an extremely good compromise, there is companionship when you want it and privacy within your own accommodation. The house is warm, clean and the staff are friendly and efficient."



We love hearing our Residents' stories, keep your eyes peeled for more stories coming soon.






One of my favourite memories is building sandcastles at Hope Cove in South Devon

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