Memories of Her Majesty

Our residents share their recollections of meeting our late Queen

It has been one week since the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  In this time, our residents have been reflecting and sharing their memories of meeting Her Majesty over the years.

The young Princess Elizabeth

Joyce recalls seeing the Queen as a child, in Scotland, in the 1920s.  At that time, she was the first child of Prince George who was second in line to the throne.  Nobody ever thought the little girl visiting her Scottish grandparents would become the Queen. 


A Coronation Surprise!

A Mill Lane, Romsey resident remembers seeing the Queen, along with Princess Margaret, at a rehearsal for her actual coronation in 1953.  They were not expecting to see the Queen and recalled it was a 'lovely surprise!'


Newly wed Princess Elizabeth

Guy shared his memory of when the Queen - then Princess Elizabeth - was a newly wed and living with Prince Phillip in Malta between 1949 and 1951.  Guy, at that time, was a 'raw' Engineer Lieutenant in charge of the engines of the cruiser he was serving.  The cruiser was supposed to escort the Princess in the Royal Barge from Sliema to Valetta but, instead, Guy was ordered to use the speedy motorboat!  Guy duly escorted the Royal Barge on the short trip with no breakdowns.


The Wedding Dress

Phyllis, Westbourne House resident, recalled when she worked for the famed dress designer, Norman Hartnell.  At the time, Phyllis was a pattern cutter working in central London during the 1940s.  She was given the opportunity to see the then Princess Elizabeth's wedding dress before the day.  She remembers the incredible attention to detail of embroidery  and how stunning it looked.  Phyllis worked on the dress of one of the Queen's cousins, Lady Diana Bowes Lyon, who was a guest at the royal wedding


A Royal visit to Poole Hospital

In 1969, the Queen along with Prince Philip opened the then brand new Poole Hospital.  Mary, a resident at Moretons, in Ferndown, shared a lovely memory when she was standing in line to be introduced to the royal couple.  The Queen was ahead greeting people whilst Prince Philip was taking his time to move through the line.  The Queen promptly stopped and told everyone that 'we will have to stand and wait for Philip to catch up' and that is what everyone did!  Mary recalls there was a lot of laughter that day.


We hope our memories of Her Majesty have made you smile.  Our residents have enjoyed sharing their special recollections of an incredibly unique and wonderful woman.

We will finish with a poem, which was written in memory of Her Majesty.  Vicky has already written a beautiful poem for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  We now want to share this with you.

Our gracious queen we bid you

A fond and sad farewell

The thoughts and feelings we all have

Too sorrowful to tell


The 70 years you gave us

We never shall forget

Duties carried out with dignity

Always looking at your best

We shall miss those Christmas broadcasts

Royal visits and Ascot days

Your elegant trooping of the colour

You’ll be missed so many ways


So goodbye your dear Majesty

May the angels take you where

Peace, rest and tranquility

Are waiting for you there.



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